Republican presidential candidates cannot admit truth


IssuesIf you listen to the Republican 2016 presidential debates, including the approaching debates, one would be left with the impression that president Obama is doing zero, or what he is doing is ineffective when it comes to protecting Americans. This line of reasoning intensified after terrorist attacks that left 129 nine people dead in Paris with ISIL claiming responsibility.

Unlike Democrats, that will not say anything negative about their party, despite their own policies that degrade and subjugate Black people, this columnist will confront Republicans for untruths and any policy having a negative impact on our people, including President Obama.

To believe that Obama is weak, or doing little to protect us from such terrorist attacks, is absurd for conservative talk-show host and Republican candidates. To continue such a message leaves Americans to believe that Obama is weak on such policies.

The U.S. is already doing a lot to protect us from Islamic State militants in Iraq and Syria, such as with airstrikes, placing military personnel on the ground for training with Iraqi forces, and recently, working with Syrian forces to deal effectively with ISIL.

It’s easy for Republicans to push the theme that Obama is weak and America must be made great again using what may be unstoppable terrorist attacks no matter what is being done, as such attacks continue to occur. However, to suggest Obama is weak, or is doing little to protect U.S. citizens, plays on the fears that the American military is weak and our people are not safe.

It’s easy to use such themes going into the Republican nomination for president. Trump, for example, says Obama is doing nothing. However, some of what Trump suggests he would do (which has been little), Obama is already doing, such as efforts to reduce terrorist financial pockets by taking strikes against oil refineries and other training camps.

Listen America, we cannot expect Obama to outline his plans and/or what he is doing. Why would you inform the enemy of your plans? If he did so, Republicans would be calling the president crazy by putting our military strategy at risk.

I don’t know, perhaps the only real issue Republicans have is that Obama is wrong for his failure to put more troops on the ground. This is the issue Republican should stick with. By doing so, Obama would go back on his campaign promise. Now this would be the dream ticket during the Republican debates.

My next column: Some criticize Black Lives Matter, but fail to offer any alternative solutions. I have one — Black Lives Matter assisting Black people dealing with job discrimination. Yes, Black Lives Matter in the workplace.

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