To Black Lives Matter: Stay alive and well


IssuesPeople who criticize the Black Lives Matter movement need to understand their reasons for protesting at Mall of America, the State Fair, Twin Cities Marathon and in front of the
Fourth Precinct Police Station in North Minneapolis.

Black Lives Matter activists are aware of the Civil Rights Movement. Black Lives Matter activists are aware of people like myself during my time observing older activists fighting for equality only to see those activists die, leaving my generation to fight the same “isms” trying to make a better America for my children, only to see my children of the current Black Lives Matter generation continue the fight that generations before Black Lives Matter battled undauntedly that was supposed to make life better for the Black Lives Matter generation.

So, before you criticize Black Lives Matter, before the Democrat machine comes out in the liberal news media and tells our new warriors to break down shop in front of the police Fourth Precinct, understand that it is with honor and respect, not disrespect. It’s out of love for what you have tried to accomplish, for the love of what you have suffered to accomplish that cannot be lost, that Black Lives Matter refuses to give in to the gatekeepers’ demands of the local Democrat machine.

Historically, previous leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others, the liberal media, in order to bifurcate Black people, used terms of condemnation such as radicals, once a common term used to vilify King, Jackson, Evers, and many of our local leaders such as Bill English, Spike Moss, Randy Staten, Rev. MacAfee and other local fighters of our times.

We see the same method being directed at Black Lives Matters being labeled as occupiers, or radicals. Now we see the term radicalization being applied to terrorists. Be careful when such terms are applied by the liberal media to Black Lives Matter, our young people.

While protesting against social injustice, this is my constructive feedback to Black Lives Matter. Many Blacks have served in our armed forces, this columnist in the United States Army. One way to pull supporters away from the movement is seeing the American flag being burned during the Fourth Precinct protest. Such acts must be quickly denounced by members of the movement.

Any anti-American, kill the police, or other suggestions of such violence must be
denounced without delay and with force. This feedback must be seen as a way to maintain honor and decency to Black Lives Matter, not criticism. However, you have the right to protect yourselves against racists such as those on trial for shooting Black people during the precinct protest. I offer taking my permit-to-carry-a gun course.

Every American can be a part of Black Lives Matter by using your talents to give back in our neighborhoods under the moniker and under the auspices of Black Lives Matter. This columnist has announced several social acts under Black Lives Matter, including: 1. Black Lives Matter in the workplace in support of Blacks being harassed on their jobs; 2. My Personalized Graduation Plan, a seven-week pre-graduation course for teens.

Stop criticizing Black Lives Matter. Instead, begin something under the moniker of Black Lives Matter using your gifts and bringing your education and skills to our neighbors. To Black Lives Matter, I say, “Stay alive and well.”



On MSR’s historical designation

The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder has earned a permanent place in print media in Minnesota with the paper’s location officially declared an historical site by the Minneapolis City Council. This represents the honor of the paper’s family and the professionalism of Black people in Minnesota. Congratulations.


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