Enough marching — where are the solutions?

Letter to the editorI must ask why this is being rehashed again? [“What went wrong with CSI?” Dec. 3] I can only believe it is to attack Al Flowers. I was surprised that a paper I have always held so dear to my heart would allow this continued attack. Al has always been a strong supporter of Spokesman-Recorder as well.

As I read on I realized it was an opportunity to showcase Nekima Levy-Pounds, who has not to this day suggested a solution to help our children, has not appointed an Education Chair to the NAACP, has had no voice in the fiasco we are now seeing with the selection of a new [MPS] superintendent.

Her statement, “There are systemic problems in the district that can’t be solved by teaching kids how to act better. That’s a racist narrative” is almost laughable when so many of our young people have lost out on the values that our generation live under, the moral compass that we no longer see today, the respect for all that our ancestors fought for, which included respect for education, elders, clergy, parents and leaders.

Instead of pitting Black leaders against each other, pitting Black women against our Black men, I suggest we work on solutions because, whether we like to admit it or not, we are losing the fight in all areas. We can protest march until we are blue in the face. Until we come together for things other than our dislike for the police, I find us to be part of the problem our children are facing today and will face in the future.


Much love Spokesman-Recorder


Lisa Clemons

A fan of Spokesman-Recorder for life​