Loretta Lynch for U.S. Supreme Court


It’s President Obama’s call

Ron EdwardsThere are those in the conservative wings of America’s political institutions that feel President Obama owes them a favor regarding nominating a successor to replace Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia. I disagree, Justice Scalia died suddenly, unexpectedly and mysteriously, Saturday, February 13, 2016, on a quail hunting vacation in West Texas, 15 miles from Mexico.

Through two national elections, 2008 and 2012, President Obama demonstrated earning America’s respect and trust, despite those who are uncooperative with him and treat him with disrespect. There is no reason to doubt his leadership, despite the delays and those trying to obstruct his task of filling this sudden vacancy on the Supreme Court. In terms of judgeships, the majority of Obama’s appointments are women and non-White males: 42 percent women (22 percent for George W. Bush and 29 percent Clinton), and 36 percent minorities (18 percent George W. Bush, 24 percent Clinton), hence I understand the antagonism against the president because of race.

I urge the president to nominate Attorney General Loretta Lynch to fill the new vacancy on the Supreme Court. She is among the best in the country. I am a realist and understand American politics. Nonetheless, he should not, as some urge, delay and create the longest vacancy of a Supreme Court position because they claim he is a lame duck.

He has not wavered in his strength of purpose nor wavered in supporting that purpose. He will continue to carry out his presidential and constitutional duties. He will again make history with another first, this time regarding the Supreme Court of the United States.

We are all watching the political landscape change before our very eyes. This nomination process will affect elections nationwide, from the office of the president to all offices of the House of Representatives to the 24 Republicans and 10 Democrats running for the Senate.

Those demanding a delay reveal their shallow thinking and strategic error. To continue their obstructive strategies, wrapped in the flag of American fairness and equality, will backfire with voters seeking an end to capital obstructions.

Nominating Attorney General Lynch will honor the history of the painful struggles of Black women in the building of America and recognize the painful struggles felt by African Americans in general, as they continue to bear witness to the price they have paid to overcome. Delay no longer: it is time for an African American woman to be appointed and confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States.

This is a “now” moment for both sides of the political aisle to stop trying to create delay and obstruct the nominating process. Fill this position now and don’t leave it vacant. Will America demonstrate its commitment to opportunity for all, or will America’s “leaders” offer up yet another unwarranted demonstration of the ugly side of the seemingly new standard for the 21st century: American politics of “the mean?” Recognizing the dues paid in service to America by Black women can wait no longer.

Some say the vacancy on the Supreme Court is reserved for conservatives in American politics, just as there are those who claim reservations for liberals. I disagree. That is unconstitutional. The constitution calls for the president nominating qualified persons. The Senate then offers its advice and consent. The Supreme Court is to serve the people by upholding the Constitution’s freedoms and rights for all, not the dogmas of any political party.

African Americans have earned the trust of this nation to serve in any position. Attorney General Lynch is well qualified as one of the best for serving the best interests of our nation and its future. She should be nominated.

Stay tuned.


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  1. Hahahahahaha, where does this guy come up with this nonsense? Loretta Lynch isn’t qualified to be AG, she is most assuredly not qualified for the court. And no, Obama has no respect because he is not qualified to be president, not because of the color of his skin, but because he has ZERO accomplishments in his life.

  2. Bill, to you getting elected potus, graduating from Harvard Law school, elected to us senator and countless other accomplishments isn’t accomplishing anything. You must have been born 1minute ago on another planet. Stop listening to right wing propaganda. Have you or any of your associates accomplished anything like Obama. If so lets hear about them.

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