March Madness: Day two on the ice

March Madness Dispatch

IMG_3619 (2)The second day of the ‘Green Line’ hockey post season tournaments in the Twin Cities Friday kept us mainly on the Minneapolis side of the Mississippi, at the NCHC Frozen Faceoff semifinals.

After spending Thursday in St. Paul at the Big Ten, we now can give an accurate assessment of the atmosphere of both tourneys.

The atmosphere at the NCHC seems far more college-like than their counterpart in the Capitol City. More rah-rah-ish by fans of both schools during each contest, and the crowd was aĀ lot more student-age and family-based.

InĀ stark contrast from the Big Ten, where only the lousy school pep bands stood out,Ā the Minnesota Wild home ice seemed roboticĀ andĀ corporate-like with endless in-game nonsense on the giant video-board.

However, as the two venues host college hockey this weekend, with its distinctive crowds, both sites still remain the same as far as diversity is concerned.Ā  Other than the arena hired hand, we still haven’t seen any Blacks in the stands.

Next: a brief chat with NCHC Commissioner Doug Fenton.

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