If Blacks need deprograming, why not Whites?


TryingMyBestsquareThere has not been a single article or editorial in the Star Tribune about the dangers White supremacists pose to our society, but there has been a continued parade of articles and editorials about the dangers the five Somali American men in local jails pose to our society.

There is no talk about “deprogramming” the hatred Whites have for Blacks, when Whites shot Blacks during the BLM protests. But they will try to “deprogram” the Blacks who tried to join the ISIL with “psychological counseling.” Not much concern about what is going on in the minds of Whites.

Anwar al-Awlaki, an American citizen, was labeled a terrorist and murdered with a drone strike because he called for killing Americans. The “gun-toting negotiation” Michelle Fiore, who worked to get the occupiers of the Oregon Wildlife Refuge to surrender, and is a Nevada state assembly women, calls for the killing of Syrian refugees by “shooting them in the head,” (Star Tribune, Feb. 12).

Fiore is a White women who is free to call for the murdering of humans, and is not seen as someone promoting terrorism, or someone dangerous like al-Awlaki, though they both promote the same thing — the murdering of innocent people.

Our society defines Fiore’s behavior as someone “who is known to say outrageous things.” She defines herself as “100 percent politically incorrect; I say bad words.”

Anwar al-Awlaki was killed for being politically incorrect for saying bad words.


Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.

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  1. Wow Aristotle (you should apologize to the real Aristotle for smearing his name with your pedestrian mind), give us some more of your deeply probing ‘insights’ about race and class, oh privileged one. Us col-uhds are anticipating with baited breath your ‘analysis’ of media depictions of POC at home and abroad since wes caint think fors ourselfs. LOL

  2. So you’re not going to counterargue his points Aristotle? Just spew out a simplistic statement lacking facts, because you don’t have any? Don’t be so arrogant, rude, and filled with white privilege.

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