Obama: Let me blame somebody


IssuesLet’s take a moment to go back in the days of Obama running for the presidency — the debates, the special reports, his appearances on political media programs. Obama blamed Republicans for America’s problems relating to national and/or international matters.

This proved to be a good strategy towards winning both of his elections. However, this style of blaming has not only become sickening to Republicans, it is, no doubt, to you the reader of this column as well.

From watching the morning political shows and Obama’s special reports, to monitoring the White House reports of today, Obama continues to blame others for his mistakes and failed policies. Examples of this “let me blame somebody” — hereinafter, LMBS — are not hard to find on these shows.

The falling apart of ISIS wasteland (being Libya) was not due to Obama’s inept crew in his administration, but as Obama explained it was the fault of others. Here, according to Obama using his LMBS skills, he says that it was them doggone European allies that did not do any follow up, and they should had done so because of their location and proximity of Libya.

Hold on now, here comes a good one at you. Remember when Obama called ISIS a weak jayvee squad? Alright, he didn’t say squad, but a jayvee team. Obama shifted. General Lloyd Austin was suitable for this blame because Obama stated Brother Austin of the Pentagon was leading the U.S. command and gave Obama misleading information. Say it with me readers, LMBS.

This is getting fun, folks. For Obama, ISIS is only the jayvee team of terrorism needed as another source to blame. Obama went to the bench and blamed National Intelligence director, Brother James Clapper. I surely cannot be the only one in this great United Sates that saw and heard Obama on 60 Minutes saying brother Clapper must have known what was going on in Syria and blundered in his (Clapper’s) estimation — LMBS.

Remember, when running for office, Obama blamed Bush for the war in Iraq? Obama made it loud and clear that he opposed the surge, yet coming into office he took the props for the outcome of the surge’s calmness. Obama likes to (in a low key way) show off as much as Donald Trump. Of course I am setting this up to have you say it with me again.

Obama pulled all U.S. peacekeepers out of Iraq as part of his 2012 election movement and the country exploded. And Obama — say it with me, LMBS — regressed back to blaming the Iraq violence on Bush.

We teach our kids to accept responsibility and not to blame others for our mistakes. Since being elected Obama has mastered the blame game. You know it’s true when I tell you that Obama and Trump must have taken the same blame others 101 course, because like Obama, Trump blames others for his failed business. His failed “Trump is so great” adventures are always another person’s fault.

When you listen to Obama — I’ll throw Trump in for fun — whenever a mistake is made be ready to say, “Let me blame somebody.”


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