The music will change for Rapper Trump

IssuesShould Trump get the Republican nomination for the presidency, it will be by the design and careful guidance of the liberal media. Understand: all the free television publicity, all the Trump interviews worth millions in advertising, all free. This all has been orchestrated with the best liberal media conductors to bring to the listening ear repeated harmonies and melodic lines that have been adapted. This more soothing musical selection over the other Republican candidates is designed for Trump to get the nomination.

You see, the liberal musical conductors played Trump over and over on the Sunday morning political shows because he (Trump) will be the easiest to knock down compared to other Republican candidates as shown in recent Republican debates. We shall see a shift once Trump secures the nomination from a friendly liberal media to a more attacking liberal media as the liberal conductors begin to make the voice of harmony and melodic talk of Trump unpleasing to the ear. Though the liberal conductors started on the key of D major, they will soon switch to the key of B flat.

The once friendly liberal media conductors will draw heavy and critical attention to Trump’s conservative credentials. You will see repeated clips of Trump’s mean-spirited style, past support and praise for liberal candidates, and demeaning of conservative values.

Trump’s lack of knowledge of issues will be exposed and stupidity revealed by showing his Republican rivals during the television debates saying how absurd some of his ideas are. This will include his ideas of getting Mexico to pay for a wall. The once friendly liberal music conductors will rewrite the composition into a bunch of horrible disharmonic tones sounding nasty to the ears of America.

I am onto something here readers. Trump will be made a racist in the liberal conductors vociferous director’s style by bringing up a law suit brought against Trump by Blacks charging Trumps refusal to rent office space that settled before court. With this we shall see repeated images of Trump saying, as he did in the debates, (paraphrasing) “I don’t settle law suits because it encourages others suits.”

Trump’s alleged racism, sexism and other “isms” shall be a good liberal conductor’s strategy when compared to the “Hillary is a woman” composition. However, this plan to destroy Trump could actually help him beat Hillary or Bernie, because the liberal music conductors may have underestimated, or left out key notes in their musical composition.

During the planning to give Trump all this millions of dollars of free air time, it was wrongfully assumed that Trump’s followers are a bunch of angry deluded White people. Furthermore, watching the debates, the conductors tried but failed to influence Trump’s supporters that politics reached a disgraceful all-time low. This shall fail because Clinton’s email scandal, and Billy’s sex in the White House only show an all-around dishonesty melody in government. With these comparisons, the liberal media conductors have to be very careful.

Doubt me if you desire to do so. The liberal media music arrangers built Trump up for one purpose, to bring down other Republican candidates. But Trump may prove to be the best one to bring down and beat Hillary Clinton.

Remember, this columnist said it. The liberal media music conductors are about to release a new score.


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