Brooklyn Park council hopeful runs on safety, family, jobs

James Jackson
James Jackson MSR file photo

“My father, at an early age, instilled in us a sense of community, pride and leadership.” These are the words of James Jackson, candidate for the Brooklyn Park City Council representing the Central District. “So [it’s about] making your mark as opposed to just being there. I wanted to be a part of the solution process instead of just being a recipient of the decision that was made outside of my authority,” he added.

The middle child of three, Jackson is a product of the Minneapolis Public School system attending Hail Elementary, Field Elementary, Anthony Middle School, and Washburn High School. After high school he attended the University of St. Thomas for his undergrad degree with a triple major in business law, ethics and finance. He then attended Hamline University for his master’s degree in public administration and international management with a joint certificate in conflict resolution from Hamline School of Law.

Jackson’s platform rests on a few things: public safety, family and jobs.

By focusing on public safety, he wants to make sure that first responders are “equipped to respond [efficiently and appropriately]. I want to reestablish trust and a bond [between the community and public servants].”

Brooklyn Park also has an increasing family and elder population, so Jackson, wants to make sure that the City supports this area of growth. He also wants to focus on bringing entrepreneurs into the city. I want to raise my future family in Brooklyn Park, and I want to attract those types of families that live and grow in the community.

Jackson added in terms of jobs, “Everyone needs jobs. Not just a job, but quality jobs that are able to sustain an adequate living.” The City of Brooklyn Park has just approved the light rail, so Jackson believes, “[This will bring] a lot of opportunity for business and business growth to the folks out there. I want to make sure that we have quality jobs and attract people for those jobs.

When he is not working on his political career, he works in the technology field. A main component of his work experience has been to help companies grow, helping start-up companies develop and increase business and business capacity. He proudly states, “I have been an management consultant for years, and this is something that I continue to do.”

As a self-proclaimed family man, Jackson says when he is not working, he “likes spending time with my family. I love my family, and I have a phenomenal ‘partner in crime’ who keeps me grounded. When I don’t think I can move forward, [my partner] keeps me on track, and she keeps me grounded. To me, it is spending time with [family] that has gotten me to where I am today.”

If elected, he plans on getting the community involved by “sticking to what I am good at, being honest and genuine. I am not saying that politicians are not honest and not genuine, but [for] me, I win people’s vote and people’s acceptance by sitting down and talking with them. This may inspire them to vote for me for city council or when I run for [another political office]. People really respond well when you sit down and listen to them.”

On April 17, Jackson reached the required signatures to be put on the ballot as an official candidate. The need for a primary election for the council seat will depend on how many people actually come out to run for this specific Brooklyn Park City Council seat. Primary elections are held in August if there are three or more candidates running in that district.

The candidate seems to have a clear vision for the city of Brooklyn Park: He advocates for public safety, a thriving community for growing and aging populations, and and jobs that help people thrive.


To follow James throughout his candidacy, look for him on Facebook at James for Brooklyn Park.

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