Vanished without a trace

What really happened to Henry T. McCabe?

 Part two of an ongoing independent investigation

David Singleton columnIn part one of this ongoing independent investigation into the disappearance and death of the father and IRS agent from Moundsview, Minnesota, Henry T. McCabe, 33 years old from Liberia, I talked about the background information and circumstances that we know to be true today, I will refer to that as the what.

My special investigations committee for the nonprofit Minnesota Community Policing Services intends on laying the foundation for the five fundamental elements of a case. They are the what, why, where, how and who. In this article — part two — I will discuss the why.

One of the biggest questions in this case is why would someone cause the death of a man that by all sentiments was a good father, a dedicated employee for the State of Minnesota, a husband and a loyal friend? It doesn’t make sense until you start to slowly and methodically peel back the layers of personal turmoil that may not be visible or known to the general public.

Minnesota Community Policing Services Special Investigation Committee, through testimony that currently is confidential, has learned that McCabe was a target of hatred and retaliation, and evidence has shown that McCabe was unaware of the extent to which he would be punished for his mistakes.

The disappearance and death of McCabe was not a spur-of-the-moment decision. This was well thought out, contemplated, calculated and finally executed. It wasn’t carried out by just one individual. It only took a few. However, there are many individuals that have direct knowledge to the what, why, where, how and certainly, the who. They simply don’t have the courage to come forward. That may eventually lead to legal implications and exposure for them.

So, through confidential means our committee identified a key witness that we are calling a person of great interest and believe was willing to provide testimony that would have more than likely resulted in a referral for criminal charges in this case. However, I just recently learned that this person of interest is dead. Upon further inquiry I have learned that this person went missing under suspicious circumstances, and after 120 days was found dead in the water, cause of death undetermined. Sound familiar?

The Special Investigations Committee has now opened an independent investigation into the disappearance and death of this person of interest because we believe that there is a connection to the disappearance and death of McCabe. Minnesota Community Policing Services has offered a $5,000 reward for any credible information that leads to the arrest and conviction of those involved in the disappearance and death of McCabe.

Speaking directly to those who are involved in McCabe’s disappearance and death, as well as those who have information or involvement after the fact, please help yourself by providing this committee with credible information that will lead to a resolution to this case. You can and we will recommend that you be charged with a crime after the fact or obstruction of the investigation.

Again do yourself a favor and be on the right side of justice.


David Singleton is the chief executive officer of Minnesota Community Policing Services. He welcomes reader comments to