All-Star Game Preview

All Star field
Onika Nicole Craven/MSR News

The 2016 American Association All-Star Game was just a few hours away when the MSR chatted with St. Paul Saints players Tony Thomas and Alonzo Harris.

Thomas said it was a ā€œphenomenal feelingā€ to be playing in the All-Star game. He is one of five infielders on theĀ North squad, and told theĀ MSR that this isĀ the fourth All-Star contest that he’s participated in.

Alonzo Harris
Alonzo Harris Onika Nicole Craven/MSR News

Harris told us that itā€™s been since his high school senior year that heĀ has played in a similar contest. ā€œNot only am I representing my team but also the City of St. Paul andĀ Minneapolis. I know I will get a good ovation at the plate [because of]Ā being at home,ā€ added theĀ center-fielder.

When asked, both Thomas and Harris said that their North teammates can put asideĀ their league competitiveness and play together as a squad, if only for one night.Ā ā€œI know everybody out here is a competitive person,ā€ noted Thomas. ā€œWhen the game actuallyĀ starts, it will be a competitive game, and we will do whatever it takes to help our team win.ā€

Added Harris, ā€œYou never know when one little kid is watching and might see something he likes andĀ want to be [a baseball player] one day. It will be an amazing feeling.

ā€œTo just say Iā€™m an All-Star and one of the best on my team, to say Iā€™m part of an elite groupā€ is anĀ honor, concludedĀ the Saints outfielder.

The MSR will provide post-game analysis on the 2016 American Association All-Star Game on MSR NewsĀ Online.


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