Bloomington City Councilmember Dwayne Lowman joins Definitely Someday Advisory Board

Dwayne Lowman
Dwayne Lowman (Courtesy of Definitely Someday Facebook page)

Press release

Saint Paul, MN – August 3, 2016 – Definitely Someday, a nonpartisan firm that helps Minnesotans prepare for a future run for office, is proud to announce the appointment of Dwayne Lowman to its inaugural Advisory Board. Mr. Lowman was first elected to the City Council in 2013, winning the seat by only three votes.

“We are thrilled to have Dwayne join the Board,” said Definitely Someday founder Shannon Watson. “Dwayne is a home-grown leader with some really unique experiences, and he has a fantastic approach to public service.”

As the First District City Council Member for Bloomington, Lowman represents the southeast corner of the city.  He has over 10 years of experience planning and managing human resources for major Minnesota-based companies.

“Perils and opportunities are found in each vocation,” said Lowman. “Face the rickety old bridge riddled with risk and challenge for it may lead to new perspectives.”

Dwayne is a member of the Bloomington noon Rotary club, and a former President of the Toast of the West Toastmaster’s club where he was recipient of an International Speech contest award and the Marian Christian Justice Award. He was elected President and Chair of the West Bank Community for two terms while at Augsburg College.

Dwayne has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Urban Studies, concentrating in Public Administration and Community Economic Development, from Augsburg, and was a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar in 2005-2006 at the International Business University of Gothenburg, Sweeden.

“Dwayne is a truly independent thinker,” Watson said. “He has this awesome ability to look at issues through so many different prisms. He’s not tied to one party or one way of thinking, and that makes his approach that much more thoughtful. He’s a great example of how mainstream Americans are starting to approach politics.”

About Definitely Someday:

Definitely Someday was founded in 2015 to help normal people plan for a future run for office. They work with clients to identify leadership opportunities, establish a personal brand, responsibly utilize social media, make contacts within political parties, and eliminate or minimize the negative impact of “skeletons in the closet.” They also help potential candidates and their families to understand the process of running for office, and employ strategies to break down barriers to candidates from low-income and historically under-represented communities. Clients have the freedom to prepare on a personalized timeline, and staff adhere to strict confidentiality rules as they apply to each client.

About the Advisory Board:

The board was created to provide advice about the strategy and direction the company should follow, help promote company services within diverse networks, and be a resource for clients as appropriate. The inaugural group is being announced August 1-4 and contains seven members. Diversity of background, ideology, community, and experience was deliberately taken into account when putting the group together. The group consists of four men and three women; three Caucasian, two African American, one Asian American and one Native American; four DFL or DFL-leaning, two Republicans, and one Independent. The second group of advisory board members will be announced in early December.


—Information provided by  Definitely Someday