Twenty questions from 20 years of WNBA history

wbna-20in20nobyline-336x202To test your WNBA knowledge, here is our 20 in 20 quiz:

  1. Name the inaugural WNBA teams.
  2. Who was the first Black head coach in league history?
  3. Name the franchise or franchises whose first head coach was Black.
  4. Who is the first Black female team owner in the WNBA?
  5. Name the first W team owned by a non-NBA team owner.
  6. Name the first WNBA champion invited to the White House.
  7. Name the U.S. president who has invited the most league champions to the White House.
  8. What was the league’s first marketing slogan?
  9. What did Lynx teammates Seimone Augustus and Lindsay Whalen achieve in the same game, the first in W history?
  10. When was the first league collective bargaining agreement?
  11. What year did the W finals for the first time go to the five-game limit?
  12. Name the first “real” (not a relocation) expansion team.
  13. Name the only head coach who once won the NBA slam dunk contest.
  14. A former Gopher head coach once held a similar position in the league. Name her.
  15. What did the WNBA do that no other pro league in history had done before?
  16. What is “Logowoman”?
  17. Name the three Lynx players named finals MVP.
  18. Name the teams still owned by the NBA team owners.
  19. What famous singer sang the national anthem before a WNBA All-Star Game in 1999?
  20. A famous singer’s daughter now plays in the WNBA. Name the father and daughter.

And a bonus question: Name the WNBA team that has hired the most Black head coaches in history.


Find the answers to these questions here.

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