Investments in North Minneapolis is warranted

Open LetterClaims arguing against the Northside Greenway project, detailed in the September 2016 issue of the Camden News article “Pros and cons to the Northside Greenway,” deserve critical assessment. I envision a North Minneapolis that is healthier, safer, more economically thriving, and more socially cohesive as a result of the Northside Greenway project.

The project was spawned out of the idea of connecting our neighborhoods, schools, and, parks. It’s similar to what can be found today on the Grand Rounds National Scenic Bikeway, which is a linked series of park areas in Minneapolis that takes a roughly circular path through the city. Access to economic opportunity, connectivity throughout our city and region, and investments in quality of life amenities are vitally important.

North Minneapolis has been sitting static and stagnant for far too long. The lack of investment has been devastating. The Northside, just like the rest of the city, deserves equitable investments in their community. We must ensure this project partners with organizations that assist renters with navigating home-ownership, promotes economic opportunities for people currently living in the neighborhood, especially people of color, and produces a more socially cohesive North Minneapolis. This project has the potential to do this and so much more if we work together to build something that works with the community to strengthen it.

Alexis Pennie is a resident of North Minneapolis.


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4 Comments on “Investments in North Minneapolis is warranted”

  1. I whole-heartedly agree! Thank you, Alexis Pennie, for being such a hard working advocate for the North Side Greenway, and North Minneapolis in general. You rock! Truly.

    I support the Greenway, and am confident that it is a huge opportunity for those of us who live in North Minneapolis.

  2. The Greenway Demonstration project is a dismal failure and I would expect nothing else were the entire Yuckway were constructed. This is nothing more than a money grab by a few hungry people! While the speak of it providing economic advantage, there is no proof whatsoever, talk is cheap, they have no proof or evidence, just hollow words.

    The majority of the demonstration project lays within the Folwell neighborhood. The Folwell Neighborhood Association recently passed a resolution requesting that the project be closed and removed immediately. The advocates will tell you the FNA is a “Block Club” – that is an intentional lie, the FNA represents the entire neighborhood. The resolution was made and passed because of the negitive input by the residents.

    The demonstration project is an abject failure and proof beyond a reasonable doubt that the project should not proceed.

  3. Really? The project has already cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and is projected to cost $18,000,000.00 more. Show us the documentation? The neighbors of the primary community involved in the demonstration project has already asked to have it taken down only months into its test. Please come see this for yourselves.

    1. Everything Joel has stated is a lie. He’s part of a very niche group that has went out of their way to deter investment in North Minneapolis until they “lock up all the criminals aka black folks.
      The Northside greenways main purpose is to provide healthy alternatives to the residents between Victory Memorial parkways, 20 blocks to the west and the Mississippi river, 20 blocks to the east and still undeveloped on the North Minneapolis side of the river.(Northeast just got vast improvements to the river infrastructure.

      People of color deal with more problems then just “crime” in North Minneapolis. Many of these issues arent as relevant in North Minneapolis other more well to do residents. We have twice the obesity, twice the heart disease, twice the diabetes and these sorts of investments not only help reduce the crime by adding greenspace, but they also encourage a healthy lifestyle that is sorely needed.

      “The project has already cost hundreds of thousands of dollars and is projected to cost $18,000,000.00”
      This is straight rhetoric. The cost of engagement thus far has been funded almost completely by Blue Cross/Blue Shield via tobacco settlement money to be used specifically for healthy living improvements.
      The cost of the whole project is also exaggerated at 18Million, with figures more in line around 12-14 million if the project goes forward.

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