Incompetent leadership is causing loss of Black lives

It’s funny how so many people in public positions of power are plainly and simply incompetent when it comes to ideas.

We are at a crossroad in America’s history. There is friction between the police, the Black community and the commissioners whose job it is to oversee the police. If a mad dog goes on a killing spree through the neighborhood, wouldn’t the owner be responsible for the damages?

My point is that the officials — the mayor, or the police commissioners — of these police officers who go on killing sprees against Black people should be held accountable for these incomprehensible acts. Doesn’t the buck stop at the top?

Police brutality has become old news for Black and Brown people across America, and we are sick and tired of the stress brought into our lives by crazy police officers who have a desire to use our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers as target practice. As a people under duress, we don’t know whether to stop or take our chances at a high-speed chase to avoid contact with the police because we fear for our lives.

Lately, the police have been gunning us down regardless of whether we comply with the law or not. It’s universal that raised arms mean to surrender. It’s obvious that it’s not resonating with the police because they are still shooting Black people down when they are complying.

The audacity of these mayors, who keep on defending these lunatics we call police officers, while the families of these slain Black people have to endure a lifetime trying to fill a void in their family, is unbelievable. Is it wrong to want to be whole Americans without having to defend ourselves as Black Americans?

Our dream is the American dream, to be treated like the Americans we are without having to question our liberty. It is so mentally degrading that as Black people we always feel like we are running away from a jail break. Mayors and commissioners across America, put down these dumb manuals and outdated guidelines and try to apply some common sense. As Black people, we have enough on our plates without having to worry about being shot by a police whose job is to serve and protect the public regardless of race.

Let’s face the facts and truths as Black people, we have been living under the rules of White people for centuries. The first 300 years we were enslaved, tormented, hung, terrorized and dehumanized. We are still being bullied by White leaders and their failed policies. I bet there isn’t one Black person in America who goes out into the public each day and doesn’t feel the vibes of negativism and racism. If they say otherwise they are lying.

Leadership is about being inclusive, and being open-minded. The police leadership must understand when they kill people of color that these people have families. When trigger-happy police shoot Black people before thinking, a flow of burdens is placed on Black families and American society as a whole.

Incompetence is becoming wide spread in America. If we don’t curtail it with reason and intelligence, then we, too, will become another Syria with no rules of law.


Willie lives in Minneapolis.