Donald Trump and Bill Cosby

Only in America


Donald Trump should call Bill Cosby and ask Bill a simple question that he has asked the entire Black population all over America: “Bill, vote for me, what have you got to lose?”

Trump will continue with justifying his request by saying,” Look, Mr. Cosby, we can unify White and Black Americans, yes, repair the racial divide this campaign has caused, because we are two men, Bill.”

Bill Cosby will ask Trump, “How so?”

Trump will answer, “You are a Black man, I am a White man, we are both being accused of groping and other inappropriate treatment of women.” At this point Bill Cosby may agree.

“Yes, Trump, supporting you could be very wise because I would be able to symbolize the words you have said: ‘What do you Blacks have to lose?’

Only in America can women who have been abused come forward years, many years later, and bring allegations — no doubt true of both Trump and Cosby — and have the kind of attention in the media that it becomes a question of public opinion.

“Look, Bill,” continues Trump, “the media is going to pull a racial divide by using the Cosby v. Trump card. Women, young women, Mr. Cosby, and older women that look like great grandmothers from 30 years ago, the Washington Post, the New York Times and other liberal — oh, I am sorry to say liberal, Mr. Cosby — will get women — a huge number of women — coming forward talking about our past. And as you know Cosby, to be perfectly honest, it’s going to be huge, really big.”

Bill Cosby will interject, “Heck, Trump, the media comes at the Black man harder than you, the White man. Dang it Trump, they have my butt in court being charged while you are off running for president. Tell me, Trump, how is it this is the worst time for me as a Black man?”

Let’s pretend this columnist became a part of the conversation. I would offer: “Look Bill and brother Trump, both of you have been surrounded by some really hot looking women, right? Just tell the world, fellas. Thirty years we have had money, money, and more money. Thirty years we have been in the company of hot women, so why are all these women coming forward now?

Trump and Cosby have a major difference, as the accusations will continue to grow against Trump until the number of accusations against him will equal the total number against Cosby. Oh, Trump’s might surpass Cosby’s by the end of this month. The difference is, we will not hear the conservative media refer to Trump as a sexual predator or sexual mad man.

Compare this to the comments that both the liberal and conservative media have made about Cosby. Both the conservative and liberal media have destroyed Cosby by writing scathing articles, thereby increasing a very damaging public opinion that prevents Cosby from getting a fair trial.

Look, my readers, I am not defending Cosby or Trump. I am asking you to observe the media coverage and decide if race is at issue being White verses being a Black man being accused of rape and inappropriate conduct when it comes to White women as the alleged victims? Keep an eye on this issue, because it’s gonna be big and only Trump can fix it for both himself and brother Cosby.


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