Election 2016: the worst of two evils

TryingMyBestsquareEven Clinton supporters believe attacking Iraq in 2003 was a war. How else could their conscience support Hillary Clinton? Britain’s recent Chilcot report has the Iraq invasion and “subsequent turmoil causing 461,000 deaths from 2003 to 2011.”

Clinton supporters must believe that attacking Iraq in 2003 was not an act of terrorism. They must believe that these magical “war starting” powers that people use to start wars really do exist in the universe.

They must believe that by attacking people who are doing nothing more than living their lives, you can pull them “into war” with you and their lives become part of the property of your “war” and you are free to kill them. Clinton supporters must believe this type of magical process does exist in the universe, since they will vote for a candidate who helped Bush start the war in 2003.

“Don’t vote Green Party, remember what Ralph Nadar did,” the Democrats again tell us. “We need you to keep evil Trump out of the White House. He will start a war like Bush did.”

This approach really does not work this time around, since Clinton helped Bush start the Iraq War. What is worse, a womanizing bigot, or a woman that has the blood of close to half a million people on her hands?

How can Trump be in more trouble than Clinton? She helped to put the war into motion.


Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.