President-elect Trump is not a sign that the sky is falling — he’s proof that it already was

Protests have taken place in cities across the nation, including the Twin Cities, in opposition to Trump’s election. MGN Online

Donald Trump’s election has people  many of whom are usually more prone to thoughtful analysis than desperation — giving in to despair, hopelessness and the blame game.

Somebody tried blaming the revolutionaries, the Russians, the rednecks and even their cat for the Trump win. Some said this happened because they shut out Bernie. But if Bernie was really for us, he would have run as one of us and not as one of them — a Democratic Party loyalist.

Don’t blame the brother on the street who didn’t vote. Don’t blame the third party candidates. Place the blame where it belongs: on the system that orchestrated this charade in the first place. And some blame should be placed on ourselves for thinking that anybody but us is going to save us.

This is what happens when people continue to pretend that a party dedicated to the advancement and maintenance of U.S. imperialism is going to save us. And trust me, the nativists, xenophobes, Islamaphobes, homophobes, racist, and sexist Neanderthals, will get their comeuppance when they find out real soon that hate don’t warm nobody’s belly.

Hatred, ignorance and stupidity won’t put a single piece of meat or vegetable on their plate. They, too, are in for a rude awakening.

Their billionaire hero isn’t known for his fair treatment of the working class. Wait until they figure out that Trump and his people see them as no more than, well — suckers. And what do you expect from these poor folks who have been mis-educated, misled, and fed a constant diet of White supremacy and patriarchy? And how can we forget this society literally hates women!

Add to that a regular diet of right wing propaganda FOX NEWS, CNN — yes, CNN too — right wing radio, and Internet talking heads who incidentally get rich propagandizing poor folks against their own interests. People are disappointed and disillusioned, but they shouldn’t be, it was a Democratic administration that watched as my Indian brothers and sisters were roughed up on Standing Rock.

Its head man Barack Obama patronizes us as his bodies of armed men and women shoot us down in the street. He hands out token paroles, while a whole percentage of our population rots away in their stinking gulags. And we act like there is a “worse.”

Last night some folks slept in the streets, not because there aren’t resources, but because we agree with the rich and greedy that that’s how it should be. The Democrats under Obama continued the wars and the killing and the drones and the torturing, and we have been silent about it because we don’t care about Brown Muslims either, while crying that things are going to get “worse.”

In the meantime, the U.S. led by our Democrat “friends” partnered with its sworn enemy Al Quaeda and creates ISIS. It was the Democrats whose president was the first to kill a U.S. citizen (al -Awlaki) and his 16-year-old son. It was the Obama administration that bailed out the big banks.

Nationally, some of my Muslim brothers and sisters are crying all over Twitter, revealing they really don’t know who they are living amongst since they just got scared. They should have been scared the day before Election Day.

The liberal pundits and talking heads had nothing to offer but fear and trembling. Shaun King actually predicted “people will be ripped from their homes.” Maybe he doesn’t know that the Obama administration set records for ripping immigrant parents from their children.

“People will be made to feel like strangers in their own homes,” King said. Where has he been? I know a lot of folks who feel like that all the time. In fact, Black people have generally been made to feel like that since they were set free from slavery.

Van Jones has so little confidence in regular folk’s ability to change our conditions that he was blubbering on CNN like a fifth grader asking, “How does he explain it to his children?” Tell them the truth! Tell them the whole damned painful truth.

The truth is this filthy, rotten, low down, trifling, evil, good-for-nothing system was never designed to give us what we want: peace, justice, equality, fair play fair pay, equal pay, a quality public education, decent and affordable housing for all, and real universal healthcare. We have to stop kidding ourselves: the pantsuit wearing, cheating husband having, Haitian earthquake-fund stealing, welfare denying, Black children hating, militaristic (“We came, we saw, he died”) email denying, lying Hillary Clinton wasn’t going to save us.

Malcolm X once said, the present American “system” can never produce freedom or justice for the Black man/woman [or anybody else]. A chicken cannot lay a duck egg because the chicken’s “system” is not designed or equipped to produce a duck egg. In order for a chicken to produce a duck egg its system would have to undergo a drastic and painful change…or REVOLUTION.”

We know deep in our hearts what is required to save ourselves, creation and ultimately humanity. And everybody knows what that is (yes, you do!) The prophets have told us, but this won’t happen by pointing fingers, despairing or whining. We have to muster the guts to organize and do what needs to be done to literally save the world and the planet.

“We have nothing to lose but our chains”

Justice then peace!


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