White man shoots and kills teen

Fear of a Black man justifies murder

I am not promoting violence. However, I am, without excuse, promoting the Constitution of the United States and the Second Amendment.

Too many Black people, due to the psychological bonds of slavery, feel that gun ownership is crazy and that any Black man who owns a gun is in some fashion full of sin. However, it’s as good and American as apple pie for Whites to own guns and shoot Black people in what White civilians and police call self-defense due to their fear of a Black man.

In West Virginia, according to the criminal complaint, Charleston police were dispatched to a shooting in Kanawha County. The complaint reads that an altercation took place between a Black teen identified as James Means, age 15, and a White man identified as William Pulliam, age 62. The old White man and Black teen had words. The complaint reads that at one point, Pulliam and Means separated, but later met again and the altercation continued.

Pulliam ended up shooting the teen twice in the stomach, a location a permit-to-carry-gun instructors, such as myself, call the kill zone, the center mass. Aiming for the kill zone indicates the shooter’s full intent is to kill, in this case an unarmed Black teen.

Understand the causal relationship here between a civilian and/or police officer shooting of Black people. Both justify their acts using the term ‘fear” of a Black man and/or teen. The White man expressed no remorse for the slaying. Yes, I said it, it was the slaying of a Black teen.

The complaint indicates that the White suspect, in my words, celebrated, yes, celebrated, by eating dinner and visiting a friend, in my opinion to brag about the “N” he has just killed, and requested an official swastika for his white sheet. According to the complaint, Pulliam was satisfied with his work by saying he had gotten another piece of trash off the street.

Pulliam bragged on ABC affiliate WCHS-TV in Charleston, saying he feared for his life and that the shooting had nothing to do with race. This sounds too similar to what police say in the aftermath of shooting unarmed Black men.

I am not promoting violence. I am promoting the same rights under law that White people enjoy in America, the right to protect yourself and family as law-abiding citizens when teaching my permit-to-carry-gun classes. Maybe, it’s time you let go of the slave mentality and take my class.


St. Anthony cop charged in Philando Castile’s shooting

Most of you ought to know by now that Officer Yanez turned himself in at Ramsey County jail and is being charged with manslaughter in the cowardly shooting of Mr. Castile. I am praying that our so-called Black leaders are not easily accepting this trickery.

Let me explain. Read the chargers: manslaughter, two felony counts of dangerous discharge of a firearm. This is nothing more than an attempt to placate Blacks, to keep Black Lives Matter and others off the street, to settle down the Negroes on the plantation.

The coward officer will be acquitted based on this word, “fear,” of the Black man.


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