A flash from the past | Courtesy of The Adventures of Flashman: Memoirs of a Photojournalist 1977-2016

Credit: Foto by Flashman

In this 1994 photo, celebrants and supporters join in a toast with the Rev. Jesse Jackson at the inauguration of Minneapolis Mayor Sharon Sayles Belton, the first African American and first woman leader of the city, along with her husband, Steve. Sayles Belton served two terms as mayor from 1994-2000 after stints on the Minneapolis City Council and terms as president of the council.

This photo is part of a photographic exhibition with written commentary selected from the accumulated works of one of St. Paul Rondo’s adopted sons, Gayle “Flashman” Anderson. Spanning the years 1977 to the present with an emphasis on life in the close of the last century, it chronicles events, people and life through photos and stories. During the coming months, as part of a grant from the organization “Roots of Rondo,” excerpts from his project and exhibit will appear in the MSR.