Electrologist gets rid of unwanted hair — for good

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There are many considerations when it comes to making a good first impression. Beauty products such as various shades of lipstick, makeup powders, and perfumes are just a few examples of what some consider when attempting to make a lasting impression where appearances are concerned. But what about what lies beneath the skin?

The MSR spoke with certified electrologist LaTonya D. Johnson of Electrology Associates on this topic. Originally from Detroit, Michigan, Johnson relocated to Minnesota 13 years ago. Her interest in becoming an electrologist came from her own personal experience with a rather peculiar formation on her face.

“I started seeing spots and didn’t know what they were,” Johnson recalled. “I didn’t know if it was acne or not, so I went to see a dermatologist. After the visit, I was informed I had folliculitis,” an allergy to her own hair follicles.

“I started getting ingrown hairs because I wasn’t properly trained or educated on how to shave or properly remove my hair. [As a result], the ingrown hairs ended up on my face,” Johnson said. Further visits to dermatologists did not yield satisfactory results.

She then met Renee Anderson, CEO of Electrology Associates, who has been in the business for 40 years. After 30 visits over two years, the hair was removed and did not grow back. “This is why I knew I needed to educate myself and the community more about this particular issue,” Johnson said

In Minnesota, you do not have to be certified to be an electrologist. However, Johnson made sure she received the training necessary from Anderson to become a professional. She has completed 160 hours of training in hair removal, after which she received her certificate. Johnson will be board certified this years 2017

Johnson also happens to be the only African American woman in Minnesota to be a certified electrologist. “I need to educate a lot of people,” she explained. “I see a lot of African American women with beards and…mustaches. They believe they have to live with it because their family members have.”

Johnson says that most women with unwanted facial hair or chest hair attempt to remove it by shaving or using tweezers. Johnson specializes in removing hair from various parts of the body, including the legs, underarms, neck, or the inside and outside of the ear. The cost for Johnson’s services is $72 for an hour, $62 for 45 minutes, $52 for 30 minutes and $42 for 15 minutes. The first visit includes a free consultation and $20 dollars off.

“There aren’t a lot of certified electrologists in Minnesota, but the ones that are still in practice are older Caucasian women,” said Johnson.

Johnson acknowledged that in the 1990s laser treatments wiped out a lot of electrologist professionals. “When you remove the hair, whether tweezing, waxing, the hair is only reduced and not only that, the hair follicle is  damaged.
“With electrolysis treatment I insert a filament along the side of the hair follicle. The thickness and coarseness of the hair [determines] how current needs to be applied to destroy the dermal papilla so that the hair can no longer grow in that area,” she concluded.

Johnson currently does her work in Burnsville but hopes to eventually move closer to the Mall Of America. Her office is located at 13755 Nicollet Ave., Suite 206, Burnsville MN 55137. To schedule an appointment she can be reached by telephone at 612-437-7549, or by Facebook at LaTonya Johnson.

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This story was updated 2/10/2017