White supremacy at work on U of M campus


What we have unfolding at the U of M, is a good old fashioned lesson in how White supremacy works. How is it possible that after 1,000 rapes reported since the year 2000 on campus, that only high-profile Black athletes are in trouble? How is it possible that in six years not a single White male has been prosecuted or faced expulsion as these Black athletes do?

Since the majority of the U of M student population is White, a population of 50,000, it stands to reason that most of the 1,000 males accused of rape are White. How is it that not a single White male was prosecuted or expelled, but now the White supremacists running the U will go after Black football players?

All of sudden, all the professors and alumni are talking about the Title IX and the “federal requirements that the university must uphold in protecting students,” when Blacks are accused of rape, because it never kicked in for six years when hundreds of White male students were committing sexual assaults.

Why no outrage and disgust as all these hundreds of White males raped without facing any punishment? Why such outrage and disgust now? Is it because those accused are Black?

Is the U of M really going to try and claim that over the past six years and the 1,000 rapes reported, that these Black students are the only males who broke “campus rules and did not get explicit consent,” and all the Whites accused of rape did get explicit consent? This is White supremacy at work.


Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.