Families march for social justice

Marchers took to the streets to spread the message of love and hope (Chris Juhn/MSR News)

The Love, Hope, Rise Coalition, consisting of over thirty Minnesota organizations, came together to organize a family-friendly march on Saturday, January 14.

Danny Givens, Jr. of Above Every Name ministries speaking to attendees (Chris Juhn/MSR News)

Community members met at the Unity Church-Unitarian in St. Paul where they had speakers and a mini-social justice fair, which included art and sign making.

A young sign-maker (Chris Juhn/MSR News)

Organizers from groups including East Side Freedom Library, Family Equality Council, ISAIAH, and Million Artist Movement had everyone participate in a short march from the church to the governor’s mansion.

(Chris Juhn/MSR News)

The purpose of the march was to take a stand for justice, dignity, freedom, stewardship, peace, and treating others the way you want to be treated. Participants included children, adults, families and activists.


Photos and caption by Chris Juhn