A family affair for local, beloved educator

Richard Chakolis and his “angel” Francine. They have been married for 44 years. (Brandi Phillips/MSR News)

Richard Anton Chakolis, Sr. is an educator who enjoys his career. Throughout his 51 years teaching, he has worked with at-risk students and diverse groups of various ability. Said Chakolis, “I get up every morning and am excited to go to work. Maybe just some type of encouragement — some positive comment — may help to turn someone’s life around.” Chakolis, holds a master’s degree in special education and another in social studies education.

“It seems like about once every week I run into a former student and they thank me for my work. You cannot beat that feeling! It is like winning the lottery over and over.” After teaching 30 years in Minneapolis, Chakolis moved to Hopkins High School’s Alternative Program in the fall of 1996. He has been there for 21 years.

Does he have secrets to his teaching success? Yes, as he explained, “Each student starts with an A grade, they just have to keep it. I call their house to let the parents and family members know that they are doing an excellent job in class. Students are expected to do all the work. I use other students to peer tutor [and] I give positive oral compliments in front of the class.”

Besides being an educator, Chakolis has an extensive background in athletics. He was proud to say, “Many people also recognize me from my coaching career. I coached wrestling for 30 years.” As coach, he was awarded “Coach of the Year” for five years and was inducted in the Minnesota Hall of Fame. In addition to wrestling, he has coached football, cross country, and track.

What makes him happy? “My family and my job make me so happy. I have been married for 44 years to my angel, Francine. She comes down from heaven every day to help make my life complete. She has had multiple medical problems, but her struggle inspires so many people in our family and in the community.”

Besides loving his wife, Chakolis has no problem gushing about his children and grandchildren. “[We] have four superstar children — all college graduates: Tonda, Ronda, and twins Richard Jr. (Happy) and Fawnda. We have seven gifts from God, our grandchildren Dejahne, Cameron, Jasmine, Janessa, Dlayla, [and] Richard III (RJ).”

“I use [Francine’s] story to inspire the students that I teach, extending them hope that they can graduate — that they can have a productive and rewarding life. [Francine] picked cotton as a young girl, dropped out of high school in ninth grade because of family problems, got her GED and became a college professor at Augsburg College [for 28 years].”

The future looks bright for Chakolis. “I plan to teach for at least another five years — God willing. I am so lucky to have such a great family and such a rewarding job.”

Well, according to his academic and recreational background, the Twin Cities community is lucky to have Chakolis, too.


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  1. Mr.Chakolois is a teacher whom I will never forget! He made everyone feel like we were important and that we could achieve. As far as I knew most students loved Mr. Chakolis. Thanks for you service to the community for all these years and God bless you and your family!

  2. My favorite high school teacher of ALL TIME. I learned to LOVE Civics! At age 43 the History channel is still my fav! Mr. Chakolis told me if I ran my mouth I could run that track and I did. Love love love him. Great Teacher and Father figure to all his students including me. I could achieve anything is what he always told me.

  3. I love him he is the best teacher but not only that if something wasn’t right you could talk to him loved his class one of my best hours of the day and he is a teacher that truly cares about his students.

  4. This man is my Uncle Richard. He blessed our family, when he married my aunt Francis. Uncle Richard is not just my favorite Uncle, but one of my favorite people in all the world. He always leaves you feeling better about yourself and your day after after spending a few minutes with him. If the world were more like him we would have heaven on earth.

    I adore you Uncle Richard! – Donna

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