St. Cloud racism continues

St. Cloud Elkman By Elkman/Wikimedia Commons

Recently, a Black family with three foster children in Delano, Minnesota, was targeted by typical racist White “have-nots” like those associated with St. Cloud (“White Cloud”). “Have-nots” defined here are cultural, intellectual and psychological beggars desperately using racism for self-esteem. (“Racist graffiti found inside Delano family’s home;” WCCO-TV, March 16, 2017)

Delano Mayor Dale Graunke visited Latanza Douglas to assure her family of community support. Through tears, Graunke asked the family to stay. The local Lions Club provided a new Xbox for the children and homebuilder, Naresh Uppal, offered $2,500 for information leading to arrests.

Representative Joe McDonald (R-Delano) said, “Despicable acts such as this have no place in our society, much less in our backyard.” Conversely, Governor Mark Dayton humiliated “White Cloud” for its racism. (“Gov. calls out racists during stop in St. Cloud,” KNSI Radio, October 13, 2015; “Delano takes on racism with public event tonight: Dayton, targeted family meet;” Star Tribune, March 19, 2017)

Compared with “White Cloud’s” hundreds of racist attacks yearly (according to FBI hate crimes and local law enforcement data), Delano is utopia. (“St. Cloud tops state in hate crimes, but some dispute methodology;” Associated Press, November 24, 2007; “Owner of Kilimandjaro Market found dead of bullet wound;” St. Cloud Times, June 10, 2015; “Racial bias alleged in hatchet attack;” St. Cloud Times, March 1, 2017; “Cab passenger charged with hate crime, assault of Somali driver while being driven to downtown St. Cloud;” Twin, April 7, 2017)

Never in “White Cloud’s” 164 years of pathological racism have victims received similar support from City Hall, local politicians or 22 of 23 St. Cloud State University (SCSU) presidents.

The only admission and criticism of “White Cloud” racism by any local leader was from SCSU President Roy Saigo (2000- 2007). Saigo facilitated studies of local racism by independent investigators.

All produced scathing revelations. (“Study: Racism persists at St. Cloud: A consulting firm recommended firing ‘several vice presidents and deans,’ but the college says no way;” Star Tribune, November 16, 2002; “SCSU settles bias lawsuit: University to pay $1.25 million for anti-Semitism complaints;” St. Cloud Times, December 4, 2002; “Denial of bias doesn’t square with studies of St. Cloud State;” Star Tribune, January 4, 2003; “Federal officials plan trip to St. Cloud;” St. Cloud Times, May 12, 2003)

Constant federal intrusions, costly legal settlements for gender and racial discrimination plus condemnation by national news sources make “White Cloud” the region’s most deserving target.

Two retired Black SCSU professors decided “White Cloud” racism deserves punishment, not accommodation. They helped convince Minnesota Vikings owners to reject SCSU’s new football facility for preseason training.

That penalty alone has cost “White Cloud” $5 million per summer since 2007. (“St. Cloud State University: Professors warn against racism;” Pioneer Press, December 17, 2002; “Vikings may not stay in Mankato after 2006, marketing VP says;” Minnesota State University-Mankato, April 9, 2006; “St. Cloud State struggles with tolerance;” Associated Press, February 4, 2008)

After 25 Hijab-wearing Somali high school girls toppled “White Cloud’s” racist public school leadership, an avalanche of costly publicity and outside retribution resulted. Minnesota’s Council on American-Islamic Relations responded, four federal agencies intruded and scathing national news coverage followed.

SCSU has lost 3,000 students, mostly of color, since 2014, as racial hostilities escalate. Many prefer Mankato’s respect and safety. St. Cloud’s mayor should beg Columbia Heights, Delano and Worthington leaders for guidance. (“St. Cloud’s tensions will last awhile;” St. Cloud Times, February 15, 2016)

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  1. St cloud is very very racist when blacks applied for a job it is very hard to get they only want whites which is so fucking wrong

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