Rally at State Capitol to demand funding for Metro Transit

The Minnesota State Legislature has been trying to push through a budget that does not include enough money for mass transit. That means, if sufficient money is not allocated to Metro Transit, which operates the bus and Light Rail, the Twin Cities will be forced to increase bus and light rail fares by as much as 50 cents.

Also some routes would be cut out altogether and others will run less often with shorter hours and a wait time between buses will be longer. For example, if the No.5 bus runs every 12 minutes these cuts could mean it will run every 25 minutes.

These changes would impact just about everyone who uses public transit.

These potentially drastic cuts would have a devastating impact on the low-income, communities of color, the elderly and people with disabilities who depend on Metro Mobility (which would be hurt by the proposed budget cuts as well).

Metro area college students who depend on the bus and the light rail would be affected as well.
Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) high school students rely on Metro Transit to get to and from school, some students also use their passes to get to work.

This would have a devastating impact on the youth who depend on Metro Transit to get to school and work.

According to MPS, about 1,500 students receive discount passes because of financial hardship; any increase in Metro Transit fares would make it difficult for the school district to continue this service.

The rally will be held Tuesday May 16 at 6pm at the Capitol next to the Capitol stop on the Light Rail Green Line.


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