Local media key players to deal with Park Board obstacles

The letter to the editor by NAACP President, Jason Sole, (May 25-31) calling for action against the Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board is long overdue.

It took a fellow veteran and me 18 months to correct civil rights violations, health violations and quality of life issues inflicted by the MPRB on the homeless veterans facility, Common Bond, on the Upper Post of Ft. Snelling.

Until the unelected principals on the board Jayne Miller, Superintendent; Anita Tabb, president; and Liz Wielinski, vice president are removed, the obstacles created by this board will seem insurmountable.

The importance of community newspapers like the MSR can be invaluable in getting the community involved and activated. The help of the Messenger and reporter Margie O’Laughlin were absolutely essential in making that struggle come to a successful end.

The NAACP must work with community newspapers, the media, put pressure on local officials and welcome any help offered to push back on this dysfunctional organization, otherwise the federal government’s $5.3 million claw back for civil rights violations, hiring and promotion practices, and the inattention to inner city parks will never be addressed.


James Hudson, Minneapolis