Thousands of garden plants gifted to North Mpls

Photo by Clifton Williams

Malmborg’s Garden Center and Greenhouse located in Rogers, Minnesota, one of the largest wholesale plant producers in the United States, has become a generous contributor and friend to North Minneapolis. On Saturday, June 22, 2017, Malmborg’s donated and delivered over 5,000 plants and a ton of vegetables to North High School for the “Green Garden Giveaway” in support of the local food movement in North Minneapolis.

Photo by Clifton Williams

The co-coordinators for this effort were Van Cooley, a manager for Malmborg’s, and Michael Chaney, founder of Project Sweetie Pie. The Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder (MSR) spoke with Van Cooley (VC) about the Green Garden Giveaway.

Candy Bakion (at left) and Patricia Brown (in front) selecting their garden plants Photo by Clifton Williams

MSR: How often are your plant giveaways, Van?

VC: Right about this time every year. It’s because of our overstock of vegetables and plants that we have been working with Michael Chaney of Project Sweetie Pie, some of the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation groups, along with others, so it goes somewhere for good use.

MSR: Is it normally always this many plants?

VC: Yes, thousands of plants.

MSR: Is it just a one-time donation a year?

VC: It’s a onetime donation for the vegetables, but on Monday I’m bringing a bunch of geraniums. I have about a few hundred geraniums to bring down so that some of the community gardens have some more color.”

Malmborg’s has been in business for 59 years and has another location in Blaine, Minnesota. Over 500 people took advantage of the Green Garden Giveaway to select starter plants for their gardens.


For more information about the local food movement in North Minneapolis, contact Michael Chaney of Project Sweetie Pie at 763-227-4881. Malmborg’s Garden Center and Greenhouse can be reached at 763-428-2061 or online at


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