Obama the villain. Really?

As of the writing of this column 10 days ago, President Donald Trump hurled a new obnoxious accusation at former President Barack Obama, calling him a coward for not acting when in the summer of 2016, he received word from the U.S. Intel community that the Russians were meddling in the election of 2016. Donald Trump would have the country and the world believe that then-President Barack Obama was terrified of the little Russian.

But was not former President Obama concerned about not raising the question of election tampering at a time that would throw confusion and harm into our system? Think what it would have meant if he were to say the Russians were attempting a massive tampering of the American election.

With such conflicting narratives, which one to believe? Was Obama’s security team expressing concern about treasonable action by members of the Trump campaign team? The facts are clear: Since the 1930s, Vladimir Putin and his intelligence operatives have already been intercepting U.S. intelligence to discuss the undermining and sabotage of election 2016.

The Democrats have already been accusing President Trump of collusion with the Russians, which means treason.

Opposing narratives allow imaginations to run wild. My concern is the unmentioned collusion: the White and Black ruling classes obstructing Black middle-and-lower income progress.

But, because Trump’s target is an African American, he gets a lot of attention without consequences. In light of the accusations against Trump, some have understandably asked if these are attempts by Trump to work with Putin against the non-Whites of the world.

But for Black America, these are side shows by elite Democrats and Republicans, elite Whites and Blacks, elite private sector and non-profits, to keep others distracted from the true and corrupt collusion between the elites to block good education, good jobs, good housing, and good public safety for the middle and lower classes, so they can divert funds to themselves and their projects.

We all understand America’s racial animus. For eight years, it focused on the first and only Black President. Is it any wonder some of us see that it could be made to look like President Obama was tampering with the national election to support the Democratic Party to do political damage to a fast-closing Donald trump? If true, it would be as the image used by Justice Thomas: strung up.

Eight months after the 2016 election, we are still hearing claims that President Trump’s operatives are also Russian operatives. Is Putin’s aim to cover up Russian actions as well as actions of Trump’s team?

Another set of narratives is Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Will he or won’t he reveal the entire story to the American people while Donald Trump continues to tweet allegations? We ask, given these different narratives, which is worse: an act of seeming cowardice or real actions of treason?

Will Putin be forever recognized in history as one of the greatest and most effective espionage minds or as the man who won on a bluff? Barack Obama is not a coward. He was a man trying to preserve what he thought was an opportunity for Hillary Clinton to win the presidency.

President Putin and the Russians have been smarter. So, will history reveal President Trump working with the Russians as their new commissar of the western world? And will Congress and the states continue to slow and block Black progress in education, jobs, housing, and public safety — the one narrative that is real?

Stay tuned.


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