Obamacare not a Black thing, Whites primary beneficiaries

Donald Trump’s obsession with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, major media, his ego and election fraud is interfering with his ability to govern as president of the United States and the leader of the free world. His current passion is repealing Obamacare.

 Barack Obama

Pres. Obama signs health care. (White House.gov)

Surrounded by children ages seven to 18, Trump unleashed a blistering critique of the Affordable Care Act at the White House on July 24 and ratcheted up the pressure on Senate Republicans to keep their campaign promise to repeal and replace the law.

Trump drew on the stories of Americans who were invited to join him at the White House to remind Republicans of their seven-year-old promise to repeal and replace Obamacare. “For the last seven years, Republicans have been united in standing up for Obamacare’s victims.

Remember repeal and replace, repeal and replace, they kept saying it over and over again. Every Republican running for office promised immediate relief from this disastrous law. We, as a party, must fulfill that solemn promise to the voters of this country to repeal and replace. But so far, Senate Republicans have not done their job in ending the Obamacare nightmare.

They now have a chance however to hopefully fix what has been so badly broken for such a long time and that is through replacement of a horrible, disaster known as Obamacare.”

Trump knows but refuses to admit that “Repeal and Replace,” a campaign slogan, referred to “Obamacare” not the Affordable Care Act. Republican candidates latched onto it and won office as a result. However, there is much pushback to “Repeal and Replace” among beneficiaries of the Affordable Care Act primarily White voters. A report by the Department of Health and Human Services on the effects of the Affordable Care Act shows that the benefits of Obamacare cut across all major demographic groups. More White Americans received coverage since October 2013 when the law’s coverage provisions began to come into effect than Black and Latino Americans combined. “Obamacare” was not a “Black” thing.”

Hillary Clinton

The president took a swipe at Jeff Sessions calling his attorney general “our beleaguered A.G.” and asking why Sessions was not “looking into Crooked Hillary’s crimes and Russia relations?” Trump’s suggestion that his top law enforcement official investigate a former political rival is astounding, and even his allies have said in the past that such a move would be unheard of in the United States. Trump, after the election, had backed away from the idea of possibly prosecuting Hillary Clinton.

Major Media

Speaking at the 2017 National Scout Jamboree Trump hit on his favorite theme of “fake news,” complaining that the media would probably downplay the size of the Boy Scouts crowd. The Jamboree attendance was over 40,000. The fake media will say: “President Trump spoke before a small crowd of Boy Scouts today.  Fake media. Fake news.” Trump fantasizes he is at a Trump inspired rally and the “Fake News” would downplay the size of the crowd.

Trump’s Ego

He also took the opportunity to relive the glory of his election, asking the child audience, “Do you remember that incredible night with the maps and the Republicans are red and the Democrats are blue, and that map was so red, it was unbelievable, and they didn’t know what to say?”

Voter Fraud

Trump created the Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity in May to investigate his allegations, offered without evidence that millions of people voted illegally in 2016. Although he won the electoral vote, on election night, Hillary Clinton won the popular by more than 1 million votes. To date, that number has grown to over three million votes. Trump’s assumption is that every illegal vote cast was for the Democratic Party or Hillary Clinton. Won’t he be surprised to find he won the election VIA Voter Fraud! A study of 2,068 alleged election-fraud cases in 50 states between 2000 and 2012 found the level of fraud was infinitesimal compared with the 146 million voters registered over the 12-year period.

Nuclear War

Right now Donald Trump could start a nuclear war on a whim, and no one could stop him. He has almost gleefully exercised his right to threaten nuclear war. He made boastful remarks about nuclear might throughout his campaign. And just recently, he called for a new push to put America at the “top of the pack” when it comes to nuclear weapons capability. A global nuclear exchange could annihilate hundreds of millions of lives and sour Earth’s atmosphere, water, and ground for generations.

This president is dangerous and there is no telling what his ego and many obsessions will drive him to do.


Walter Smith is the publisher the Philadelphia Observer. Thanks to NNPA Newswire for sharing this commentary with us.