PTSD sufferers can now get help from medical cannabis

Patches, balms and lotions available soon to registered patients

(MGN Online)

As of July 1, Minnesota patients with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can register to receive medical cannabis through the State’s medical cannabis program.

Last December, the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) announced plans to add PTSD to the program’s list of qualifying conditions. Patients certified by a healthcare provider as having PTSD can start receiving medical cannabis at patient cannabis centers starting August 1.

The first step for a patient seeking to participate in the program is to visit a healthcare practitioner — a doctor, nurse practitioner or physician assistant — who can go to the MDH website and certify the patient has one or more qualifying conditions.

Once a provider certifies a patient, he or she can register on the MDH website to receive medical cannabis at one of the state’s eight locations.

As with other conditions, the MDH Office of Medical Cannabis relies on the professional judgment of the certifying healthcare practitioner to determine whether a patient has PTSD.

Along with the addition of PTSD as a qualifying condition, the state program will add topical medications as an option. Minnesota’s cannabis manufacturers are developing cannabis patches, balms and lotions that are expected to be available later this year.

Information provided by the Minnesota Department of Health. For more information, visit MDH’s Medical Cannabis website.