Thankful for menthol ban

As a community elder, I want to share my appreciation for the Minneapolis City Council voting to restrict menthol tobacco to adult-only stores.

We, as African Americans, have been heavily targeted by the tobacco industry for five decades. So, it was exciting to witness Minneapolis be a leader in the state and the nation by passing an ordinance designed to reduce health disparities in my community.

African Americans have been lured into a deadly menthol addiction because of this targeting. But now, we have a chance to end this cycle and keep the next generation tobacco-free.

Asante Sana (thank you) to all the advocates who worked hard to educate our community and Asante to our leaders for being vocal and placing health over the profits of the tobacco industry.

Asante Sana to each council member who supported the ordinance. Your strong leadership will help us work toward a tobacco-free future.

For Our Children,

Ni, Ora Hokes, M.Ed., CHW