PHOTOS | #InjusticeOnAStick” protest at the MN State Fair

Protesters stand with signs at the entrance of the MN State Fair (Chris Juhn/MSR News)

For the third consecutive year, community members gathered at the gates of the Minnesota State Fair to protest against injustices they see in Minnesota and society as a whole.

Protesters first gathered at Hamline Park where a lineup of speakers addressed the crowd of around 60-70 people. The group then left from the north end of the park to march on Snelling Avenue en route to the Minnesota State Fair.

A protester holds a sign in honor of Marcus Golden who was killed by St.Paul police in 2015 (Chris Juhn/MSR News)

“No fascists, no KKK, no racist USA” echoed through the streets as protesters marched. Police followed behind, lining intersections and rerouting traffic as protesters walked by.

As the state fair was a few blocks away, fair-goers were pushed from the front gate entrance and told by police to walk around. A few gave the middle finger and shouted at the group of protesters.

(Chris Juhn/MSR News)

Shortly after arriving at the front gate, protesters made a circle in the intersection and shut down traffic on both sides of the street. After speakers addressed the crowd, the protesters marched south on Snelling back to Hamline Park where they were met with a mix of angry drivers and people who applauded the march.

At about 2:40 pm protesters arrived back at the park and the protest disbursed.

See more photos from the protest below: