Star Tribune’s logic on livable wages absurd

Why is the Star Tribune opposing livable wages for metro workers? Could it be that some of the businesses that have the most low-wage workers (Target, Walmart, Cub Foods) spend millions on advertising in the Tribune?

The paper is working hard to protect the wealthy capitalists and their ability to exploit workers.

The Tribune is now trying to stop St. Paul from adopting a $15 minimum wage (12/1). They are still using the “less competitive island” approach, but if St. Paul goes to $15 an hour, Minneapolis will no longer be an island, it will be a peninsula, as will St. Paul.

The Tribune is concerned about “forcing additional costs onto employers.” Come on, editorial board, [have] any of you ever refused a pay increase because you were concerned about the additional cost it would put on your employer? Yet, low-wage workers should have such concerns?

“Would increased competition for the jobs hurt current lower-wage workers?” the editors ask. If higher wages push more people to look for work, is this not a good thing? It’s what capitalism wants and needs — workers!

This is flat out a scare tactic to keep workers in their place and not asking for raises. The Tribune should be ashamed for using this type of intimidation.

No one should fear losing his or her job if they get a raise — and no one will. How could they?

Absurd and stupid logic by the Tribune!