Tired of being mauled by police dogs and the justice system

It always seems that Black people are stuck in between a rock and a hard place in America. Lately, it feels like the whole mountain has fallen on us when it comes to the judicial system. What is it going to take for White people in charge of the justice system and politics to understand that they can’t continue to treat Black people as the Tuskegee experiment?

How dare the St. Paul police say that it was a bad mishap when the dog attacked that innocent Black woman taking out her garbage? Don’t these police officers and their dogs go through a training program to assure the dogs and their handlers are in tune with each other commands? The kink in the chain of command should be handled during training and not out in the field.

No one ever inherited respect, but lately, it seems like the police don’t want to give us Black people any respect that we earned through deeds as American citizens, but more importantly human beings.

An out of control crazed dog attacked a Black woman as if she were a doggy treat while the police, in my opinion, stood there in bewilderment, like a deer stuck in headlights. This only confirms what Black people have been saying all along: We are afraid of the police because we don’t know when we are going to get mauled by a dog or the justice system.

I’m tired of trying to explain to my young Black children how the police are still using us as the Tuskegee experiment in this day and age. Enough is enough with the insults and lame excuses about why the police are getting away with brutality against Black people.

The writing is on the wall: White people are deaf, dumb and crazy when it comes to the treatment of Black people in this judicial system. God, please hear Black people’s prayers. There are so many injustices that it always seems to add fuel to the fire.

We are tired of the no-win situation in the White people’s justice system of tyrannical Lady Justice. Help!


Willie Johnson lives in Minneapolis