Trump’s high stakes strategy is perilous

What is comprehensive and insightful about a “lie” when it dominates the platform of President Donald Trump’s agenda? It is the greatest con game the American people fell for, voting Donald Trump in as President.

Make America Great Again, what a slogan and the White Americans fell for the okie doke. What immaturity of the American people to elect a man with no political experience and no clue about political protocol. Wheeling and dealing might work in the business world, but it doesn’t work running the great complexities of the American Government. The Trump administration has been amateur hour at the highest level. I’m sorry to say, but our President has no clue on how to run a government.

Three-card Monte, high low snakes eyes, shell game, Amos and Andy, Kansas City shuffle, four aces, the Mitch, a rich man’s dinner, a poor man’s hustle and the Republican new tax bill — American people, pick your con! That is where we are with this administration.

Let’s just say, hypothetically, that President Obama’s administration had Sweet Billy for Health Secretary; Jack of All Trades for financial secretary; One Eyed Pete for Secretary of Defense, and Hot Mama Lucy for Human Services. The word impeachment couldn’t come out of the mouths of White people fast enough, saying that Obama is making a mockery out of the American government.

But you could argue that this is what President Trump is doing at this very moment. As Black people, we can see through President Trump’s con. It’s so transparent that Stevie Wonder could see it. As Americans, we should all be concerned about his policies. His policies are going to affect us now and for generations to come.

With this president, you need earplugs to block out all the lies he is spewing. President Trump doesn’t understand that being a bully won’t work. There are people out there with fewer regulations who are a bigger bully than he can ever be.

It seems to me that President Trump is trying to sabotage the American government. A 70-year-old man who is a father with grandchildren, with thin skin has control over all of the United States nuclear weapons, just ready and waiting for him to push the button.

There is a vast difference between the last two presidents. Obama, an educated Black man who knows politics, and Trump, a no-good White real estate mogul who is faking like he knows politics. Trump is such a racist that he is dismantling years and years of treaties thinking he is hurting Obama’s presidential legacy. But in all actuality, Trump is making Obama’s legacy even stronger by showing how much Obama has accomplished.

The question must be asked: Is President Trump competent enough to run the country? We could say he is on cloud nine. For a president or a man, the most dangerous thing you can get caught up in — besides ego — are insecurities. Our President thinks he is a vocabulary acrobat. Most Americans believe he is the Santa Ana windbag. President Trump has given the presidency a black eye. A president must be poised, gritty, and honest under pressure. But most importantly, he knows how to respect and uphold the Constitution for all of his constituents.

President Trump, the world has its eyes on you. With your petty tweets, childish tirades, and unwillingness to listen, you are acting like Boo Boo the fool instead of the President of the United States of America.

Some politicians aren’t born a dog, but some will die as a dog and our president is on the path of dying a dog.


Willie Johnson

South Minneapolis, MN