Andrea Jenkins elected vice president of Minneapolis City Council

Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis City Council vice president (Courtesy of Facebook)

Andrea Jenkins was elected vice president of the Minneapolis City Council. She is the first African American transgender woman in
the nation to be elected to the city council of a major city. Having worked for twelve years as a policy aide to two Minneapolis city council members, she is one of the most experienced first-time candidates to now serve on the council. She represents Ward 8.

“I want to thank my colleagues for giving me this leadership opportunity. I am honored by their support,” said Jenkins. “It is my intention to center my work on improving the quality of life for my ward and everyone who lives in Minneapolis.  In this troubled political time, it is imperative that we fight for equity and justice for marginalized community members, so that no one is left behind, and we all move forward together.”

During her campaign, Jenkins focused on the values of leadership, access, and equity. In particular she prioritized racial equity as the key to improving employment opportunities, access to housing, police-community relations, and environmental justice. Jenkins, while making history with her electoral victory, is also part of a historic tradition.

Several previous Ward 8 city council members have held council leadership positions. Robert Lilligren and Elizabeth Glidden both served as vice president of the council. Sharon Sayles-Belton served as president of the council before she was elected mayor in 1993.


Information provided by Andrea Jenkins for Ward 8 Campaign