Be a ‘Cold Weather Companion’

As the new year brings new concerns with another blast of brutally cold air hitting our area, it is a good time to remind people in the region to become a Cold Weather Companion to a local senior — whether they are a loved one, a neighbor or a stranger.

It’s tough enough to cope with this weather, but when you’re a senior, you face even more danger. The drop in degrees has already proved deadly, with five people losing their lives due to the cold. You can help prevent such tragedies by checking in on seniors to make sure their homes have heat, the fridge is stocked, and prescriptions are filled.

Families taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s should take extra precautions to ensure their loved one doesn’t wander outside in the frigid temperatures. (Did you know that three out of five Alzheimer’s patients will wander?

Nearly half of all hypothermia deaths happen to people over age 65. Many of these deaths can occur right in their own homes because seniors may not feel the dip in degrees due to dementia or medication that can affect awareness.

If families don’t live close enough, they should reach out to a neighbor or a caregiver to check on their elderly loved ones. This simple gesture could make a life or death difference to a senior.


— Information courtesy of SYNERGY HomeCare