Workforce Center limited use of computers creates undue hardship

Poor, single parent mothers and men looking for work are being denied access during the times they can use the Workforce Center “Unfriendly” Center.

Our neighbors being single parents mothers and/or other out of work citizens (mostly minorities) using their last money to catch a cab, pay for babysitters, bus fair and other hardships they have to work through, are being denied access to simply use a computer to job search.

I have witnessed the above-mentioned. I would recommend sending people to the Workforce Center as a test to determine if poor people of color, single parents, people getting out of lockup, and others looking for work are being denied access to the Workforce Center’s (on University and Fairview) computers during certain time periods.

Employees are working eight hours a day, Monday through Friday. If employees are not working M-F, eight hours a day, I stand corrected. What are they doing that citizens cannot sign in to use the computer?

I have been told by staff that the computers cost money and our poorest citizens have been compared to citizens living in Anoka and other areas, whereby folks can afford home computers and pay monthly bills.

Poor people, single parent mothers paying for sitters, men looking for work to stay out of trouble and support their families, being given a schedule and told to return, waiting in the hallways, or coming in when closed and having to return the following day, appears to be the antithesis of the Ramsey County’s mission statement.

This practice serves to discriminate against poor minority citizens who are already hurting and suffering. Where is your decency and compassion?

I am asking anyone reading this complaint to call me at 763-707-1847 about what I have witnessed, and to listen to my radio show regarding this terrible, hurtful treatment of minority job-seekers, and all the people I have brought attention to this matter, too.

I am left to explore the possibility of filing a Human Rights complaint based on discrimination with respect to public accommodations.

There is a really easy solution: Like other Workforce Centers within the poorest areas of last hired, first fired, allow access to computers to job search during the working hours.

Simple solution.