How does organics recycling work?

Organics recycling is easy:

  • Collect food scraps and food-soiled paper products. Use an ice cream bucket or kitchen scrap bucket to collect food scraps in your kitchen. Line your collection containers with a paper bag or compostable bag to help keep it clean. Compostable bags and kitchen scrap buckets are available at local retailers.
  • Empty your bagged organics into the organics cart provided by your waste hauler.
  • Set out your organics cart on the curb on your trash collection day.

Materials that are accepted

Collect the following for organics recycling:

Food scraps

  • fruits and vegetables
  • meat, fish and bones
  • bread, pasta and baked goods
  • egg shells
  • dairy products
  • coffee grounds

Food-soiled paper products

  • paper towels and napkins
  • paper plates and cups*
  • pizza boxes
  • egg cartons
  • waxed paper and paper containers*
  • coffee filters and tea bags

* Paper must be certified compostable

Other compostable items

  • tissues and cotton balls
  • houseplant trimmings


Remember to continue to recycle your cartons, glass, metal, paper and plastic.


Information from Hennepin County Recovery Center