Thomas M. Brown

Thomas M. Brown passed peacefully on January 22, 2018, while in hospice care at his daughter’s home. Thomas had been a former resident at Augustana for about three years. He was born in Des Moines, Iowa on March 22, 1930, and lived a full life.

He married his wife of 66 years, Dolores Cordell, whom in he first met Cleveland while on a singing engagement with Wings Over Jordan. They sang professionally with Wings Over Jordan Gospel Choir while traveling the U.S. signing in various cities and town.

After his singing career, he settled in Minneapolis, with the support of his Aunt Allie E. Wilson. On his spiritual journey, he studied various teachings before coming to know the ONLY TRUE GOD JEHOVAH. He is now in the memorial tomb awaiting the call back to the earth (Mathew 5:5). He will soon be resurrected back to the paradise during Christ 1,000 year reign.

Thomas is part of the Generation of 1914 and looked forward to the outbreak of the resurrection where he will be united with his mother and family members. To learn more about this hope please contact one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in your community.

He worked for Groves Kelco before moving to Yellow Springs in the 1960s. There he raised his family and worked for Wickham Piano Plate in Springfield, Ohio until the plant moved. He returned to Minnesota where he was employed at the Plymouth Townhomes before he retired in 1995.

Thomas is survived by his Wife Dolores; his daughter Debra; and sons Steve and Troy and their families. He has two sisters Gloria Freeman (Las Vegas) and Shirley Callender (Mpls.) and their children and grandchildren. He has many nieces and nephews, grandchildren and great grandchildren, literally spanning from Hawaii to Switzerland!

With six brothers-in-law and six sisters-in-law from the Cordell side, the numbers are staggering. Adding in the Freeman’s and the Callendar’s, and the family picnics were loud and enjoyable.

Thomas enjoyed traveling, playing cards with his sons, fishing and occasional golf in his early days.

He was always giving of himself and lived a life of service to others and his family. He is taking his much deserved rest from this wicked world.

There will be a special talk given about the resurrection at the Lake Harriet Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses on Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 4 pm. All of those who knew Thomas are welcome to attend.