Low-wage workers willing to take ‘consequences’ of higher wages

St. Paul City Council President Amy Brendmoen told members of ISNow, “We need to pause and take the time to answer basic questions about how a wage increase would affect workers before making any decisions.”

Yet, why doesn’t the councilwoman tell the healthcare industry, landlords, colleges, and universities — those that are swimming in profits — that they need to pause and answer some basic questions before raising their premiums, rents, and tuition?

Brendmoen calls on another study to assess the impact that higher wages will have on low-wage workers, but she never advocates for a study to see the impact higher wages will have on low-wage workers.

Low-wage workers are more than willing to take the risk and endure all the “negative” consequences that higher wages will bring. Brendmoen needs to stop dragging her feet, catering to the capitalists, and implying that higher wages will be bad for workers.

At this point, who needs more money, more cash flow doctors, hospitals, health insurance providers, landlords, colleges, and universities or low-wage workers?

Our elected officials need to stop protecting the rich and their ability to change more endlessly and start looking out for the poor.

It is time we are financially civilized. Healthcare CEOs in our state are making over $30 million a year and the St. Paul City Council tells ISNow that they need to “pause.”


Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis