Hennepin County revising recycling ordinance to increase organics

Hennepin County is in the process of revising its recycling ordinance with a focus on increasing organics recycling. Because organic materials, which include food, non-recyclable paper, and compostable products, currently make up about 25 percent of the trash, increasing organics recycling is an important step toward meeting the county’s goal of recycling 75 percent of waste by 2030.

Key provisions being considered for the ordinance include requiring businesses that generate large quantities of food waste to start food waste recycling, requiring cities to offer curbside organics recycling service to residents, updating multifamily recycling requirements, and incorporating state recycling requirements.

County staff are currently reaching out to stakeholders, including city representatives, businesses, trade associations, waste haulers and property owners, to seek input on the ordinance language.

—Information from Hennepin County