More slanted coverage on “terrorism”

How pitiful that the Star Tribune calls 19-year-old Twin Cities woman Tnuza Jamal Hassan a “terror suspect.” Could the Tribune get any lazier on how they report on terror?

What are the odds that most Christians who use violence are using violence that is not labeled terrorism, and most Muslims who use violence are using violence that’s called terrorism? How could only the Christians have access to the good violence?

How can the Tribune not see the bigotry in how they report on terror? On the 19-year-old’s phone, she had a list: Backpack, pressure cooker, metal shards, and nails, but no 500-pound bomb. Maybe the time-wasting-terror-suspect-chasers at the FBI should familiarize themselves with the 500-pound bomb that the U.S. government dropped on a house in Mosul, Iraq that killed 100 civilians — how’s that for ensuring the public’s safety?

While the FBI and federal prosecutors protect us from a 19-year-old “terror suspect” whose crime is setting fire to paper cups and the Star “Racist” Tribune plays along, the U.S. government endangers and kills thousands of people, the Star Tribune puts Hassan on the front page…for burning paper cups.

Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis