“Get Lit” aims to give young women an early start at self-care

What greater investment can one make than in the young? “Get Lit & Let Go,” an upcoming event at New Rules, will provide a space for young women, ages 15-18, to learn the importance of self-care in a fun environment.

The upcoming daylong event, organized by Shaundelle Darris of HerSilincey and Sierra Carter of The Zen Bin, emphasizes a vital aspect seldom promoted in the mainstream: self as a personally empowering resource.

Get Lit & Let Go

As Darris emphatically states, “We focus holistically, organically on how important it is to build your mind, body and soul. There’s mediation, yoga. A lot of our things are fun with a recreation focus because a lot of people neglect that kind of self-caring.

“We have a huge healing component, [including] a faith-based series, which is a community healing experience that’s support group focused,” continues Darris. “Our biggest thing is to bring awareness of self-care, self-love. Give these young queens the ability to transition into adulthood with a little bit more confidence, stronger aspirations.”

Forgo the assumption that something this good for you has to be dry and bordering on academia. As Darris states, “I knew, in partnering [with] Sierra, that it wouldn’t be boring. It wouldn’t be sitting in front of someone for two hours and listening to a lecture. Both our organizations are self-care, so it was natural [that] we gravitated together.”

All too often, life for urban African American females entails traumatic ordeals. Darris recalls, “[I] was in the beginning of my healing process. The last four years have been pretty traumatic in turmoil. I wasn’t really taking care of myself. So, I made a priority to [attend] a self-care event each month.”

Accordingly, the purpose of “Get Lit & Let Go” is to confront, address and resolve such life issues as breaking trauma cycles, mental health, motherhood, relationship balance and spiritual growth, not to mention the everyday matter of being able to manage money.

Darris underscores that it is important to dismantle the superwoman syndrome. “Society has programmed us to take care of others before we take care of ourselves. African American women are the second highest [sufferers of] domestic abuse next to Native Americans.

“Because we put others first, we fail [on] so many levels. It’s time to start winning. You have to stop and say, ‘If I’m not well, I can’t take care of anybody else.’”


While no one can expect everything to be turned around in one day, you have to begin by taking steps in a healthy direction, and most importantly, at an opportune time in life. “We are committed to helping to foster these young queens’ self-care regimes early,” says Darris.

“The biggest thing for me,” says Carter, “is to be authentic within yourself and accept yourself for who you are. Once you [do that], you’re aware that, ‘Okay, this is where I’m at. This is where I want to go, and I’m going to get there.’ You start to take yourself seriously.

“One size fits all wisdom doesn’t work. You have to find something that works for you, that resonates for you, so you can be successful at whatever you do,” continues Carter.

The event will also offer several scholarships that recipients can use to invest in their future, be it college, trade school or their own businesses. If you want to attend for the duration, no need to worry about missing a meal as dinner and breakfast are provided.

 “Get Lit & Let Go” will be held at New Rules Event Center, 2015 Lowry Ave. N. in North Minneapolis on Saturday, June 23 from 8 pm in the evening to 8 am the next morning. Admission is free. For more info and RSVP, go to http://bit.ly/EventBriteGetLit.