It’s time to clean up the trash

Do you want to eat trash? How about some toxic plastic particles with that Alaskan salmon? Keep voting for corporate Democrats and Republicans and you can count on more trash showing up in your food.

These corporate politicians are really good at funding the military industrial complex and then searching out “enemies” that have only hand-held weapons. But, they are not real good at cleaning up trash. Case in point: the Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP), which lies off the coast of California.

The GPGP is 600,000 square miles — that’s the size of Alaska — and holds 1.8 trillion pieces of trash weighing 88,000 tons. Not one politician in Washington talks about it.

They don’t talk about it because there is no money to make cleaning it up. What more do you need to see? They don’t care about you and they don’t care about the planet – why do you vote for them?

Both the Democrats and Republicans want to continue the time-honored approach of “divide and conquer.” There is money to make in conquering the Middle East, but no money to be made in cleaning up the Pacific Ocean.

We are taught to fear our enemies — and this fear leads us to believe Washington and the media when they tell us certain people are our “enemy.” But, the GPGP in the Pacific Ocean is the true enemy. Wake up and vote in a manner that forces world leaders to grow up.

Frank Erickson lives in Minneapolis.