2018 midterm results: Historic gains made in Minnesota

(l-r) Angela Conley, Ilhan Omar and Keith Ellison were victorious in their historic bids.

It may not have been the blue wave that some had predicted, but Democrats made significant gains nationally and across the state of Minnesota. The Democrats regained the U.S. House, with Nancy Pelosi poised to return as Madam Speaker and, in Minnesota, Democrats also reclaimed the House — the first time in four years.

Democrats swept all the statewide offices, and candidates Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar and Angela Conley, made history with their wins.

After a bruising and contentious race for attorney general, Ellison triumphed to become the state’s first African American attorney general and first African American to hold a statewide office.

Ilhan Omar, who was vying for Ellison’s seat in the Fifth District, fulfilled her quest and is now the first Somali American elected to the U.S. House. “Here in Minnesota, we don’t only welcome immigrants, we send them to Washington,” proclaimed Omar at her victory party.

Angela Conley unseated longtime incumbent Peter McLaughlin to represent Hennepin County’s Fourth District. Conley and Irene Fernando, who defeated former Minneapolis City Council Member Blong Yang in the Second District, are now the first people of color elected in the county board’s history.

There also appears to be a new sheriff in town in Hennepin County, with Dave “Hutch” Hutchinson claiming victory over incumbent Rich Stanek in a tight race. Hutchinson would be the first openly gay sheriff in the Midwest if the numbers hold in his favor.

Some other notable wins across the state include Democrat Angie Craig, who unseated incumbent Jason Lewis in U.S. Second District after losing to him two years ago, and Dean Philips, who prevailed over Erick Paulsen in U.S. Third District after a hard-fought race.

Find more statewide election results below.


Winner: Tim Walz – Democrat 53.9%
Jeff Jonson – Republican 42.4%
Chris Wright – GRP 2.7%
Josh Welter – Libertarian 1.0%


Attorney General

Winner: Keith Ellison – Democrat 49.1%
Doug Wardlow – Republican 45.2%
Noah Johnson – GRP 5.7%


U.S. Senate Special Election

Winner: Tina Smith (Incumbent)  53.0%
Karin Housley – Republican 42.4%
Sarah Wellington – Independent 3.7%
Jerry Trooien – Green 0.9%


U.S. Senate

Winner: Amy Klobuchar – Democrat 60.3%
Jim Newberger – Republican 36.2%
Dennis Schuller – Independent 2.6%
Paula Overby – Green 0.9%


Secretary of State

Winner: Steve Simon – Democrat  52.3%
John Howe – Republican  43.6%
William Denney Independent 4.1%


State Auditor

Winner: Julie Blaha – Democrat 49.4%
Pam Myhra – Republican 43.2%
Michael Ford – Independence 5.3%
Chris Dock – Libertarian 2.1%


Go to https://electionresults.sos.state.mn.us for complete elections results.