Gloria ‘Glory’ Winans

Gloria Winans

Gloria Winans was known as “Glory” to friends and family. The nickname was given to her when she was 12, and it stayed with her until she passed away on Nov. 17, 2018.

Glory was raised in South Sioux City, Neb. by her grandparents, William Henry Crosswhite and Sereptha Young-Crosswhite. As a child, Glory demonstrated leadership skills and various talents through her association with the local 4-H Club.

It was obvious at an early age that Glory would have a successful life with numerous achievements. She won awards with 4-H for baking, singing, and making clothes, and she was named president of her local 4-H chapter. Several of Glory’s accomplishments were featured in newspapers in the South Sioux City area.

Glory graduated from South Sioux City High School. She married her high school sweetheart, Thearie Downs, in Heidelberg, Germany in 1962. The couple’s first child was a boy, Thearie II, born on Sept. 17, 1963. They also had a daughter, Tonia Jean, born on June 15, 1968.

Today, both of Glory’s children have developed successful careers in the Twin Cities. Thearie II is a sub-contractor; Tonia, now known as Dr. Bagby, has a PhD in psychology.

Glory had a prominent employment history in the Twin Cities, working with Control Data, Republic Airlines, Northwestern Bank, Beverly Enterprises and the United Way, her final employer. She retired after leaving United Way in November of 2005 and moved to Deltona, Fla., with her second husband, Arnester Winans. Glory and Arnester were married for 23 years.

While living in Deltona, Glory joined Allen Chapel A.M.E Church in nearby Daytona Beach, Fla. Glory maintained her Christian faith throughout her life and was a devoted mother. She was also a member of the NAACP and was active in community groups that supported education and women’s rights. Glory loved to travel and had a wonderful sense of adventure, always taking pictures to capture special moments.

Glory is survived by her husband, Arnester; son, Thearie II; daughter, Tonia J. Bagby; her sister, Cheryl Booker of Minneapolis; her brother, Tyrone Stevens of Mount Clemons, Mich.; and two granddaughters, Danyel Jean Downs and Patrice Nikol Downs.

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  1. Aunt Glory was /is an major factor in my life, my whole life. If, it was’nt for her I would’nt be who I’m today (an Bagpiper, Elk, Shriner, Mason, Odd Fellow, etc.). She was such an giving person with no thought of anything in return. True selflessness, She was an awesome Auntie that taught me to be a giver of my time, love & friendship. She will be greatly missed.

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