Shovel out your garbage, recycling, and organics recycling carts

If you’ve received an orange slip on your cart, this info is for you / MSR file photo

Are you a Minneapolis resident who has received a colorful notice this winter about a solid waste removal issue? If so, check below for helpful reminders from the City on how to properly shovel out your garbage, recycling, and organics recycling carts.

Shoveling requirements:

● Clear a path 36″ (3 feet) wide from your garbage, recycling and organics carts to the alley or street. Make sure they can be moved freely.

● Do not shovel snow from around your carts into the alley as it can make collection difficult for City crews and it is not allowed per City ordinance 225.680. It also makes maneuvering alleys difficult for you and your neighbors.

●  Make sure your garbage, recycling, and organics carts are shoveled out the night before your collection day. A heavy snowfall within 48 hours of your garbage collection day may prevent you from shoveling out in time, but make sure your cart is shoveled out by the following collection day.

●   If your carts are stuck in snow and ice on your collection day, and it has not snowed or stormed within 48 hours, the City will shovel out your carts and charge your account $30 per cart shoveled.

Frozen garbage

Bag your garbage. Unbagged garbage can freeze in the cart making it difficult to empty.

Curb pickup

If your garbage and recycling are picked up at the curb, do not block sidewalks with garbage and recycling carts. A clear path between the carts/bins and the street must be available on collection day.

Keep lids closed

Make sure lids are closed on your carts as snow and rain can easily fill a cart and make them overweight. Overweight carts may cost an additional service fee to empty.

If you are unable to shovel the path around your carts, you will need to hire someone to shovel for you. Do a Google search or check your local yellow pages under “Snow Removal Services.” Some community organizations can shovel out garbage carts for a fee. It will be cheaper than Solid Waste & Recycling shoveling them out.

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Minneapolis requires a clear a path 36″ (3 feet) wide from your carts to the alley or street. // City of Minneapolis

St. Paul, Brooklyn Center and Brooklyn Park removal requirements

● The City of St. Paul requires residents to keep carts 2 feet clear of snow and other obstructions. Blocked garbage carts will not be collected. For more info, go to, call 651-266-6101 or email

● For Brooklyn Center info, go to or call 763-585-7100.

● For Brooklyn Park info, go to or call 763-493-8007.