5 Home Loan Apps To Test-Drive


Now that you’ve decided to go the digital route for your homebuying experience, it’s time to start test-driving a few mobile apps. First things first, pull your credit score to see where you stand (and if you’re actually ready to start the loan search process.).

Ready? Get your online banking info, income, and employer information together and check out the online services below to get preapproval before you get too deep in your home searching process. Finance experts recommend getting at least three quotes before you make your final mortgage decision. This will also help save you some money in the long run.

Rocket Mortgage

This lender requires a minimum 620 credit score to get approved. Developed by Quicken Loans, the app is designed to walk you through the entire mortgage process from application to closing. While it provides both home loans and home refinance options for fixed-rate loans, it does not provide options for home equity, FHA, VA or Jumbo (over $485K) loans.

Info: rocketmortgage.com


This direct lender requires a minimum 620 credit score to get approved and a minimum 3 percent down payment. Boasting a three-minute application process, the interface is simple to navigate. Better also claims to give you a loan estimate within seconds, instead of days. It does not do home equity, VA or USDA loans.

Info: better.com

J.G. Wentworth

Their structured settlement commercials may be more on the kitschy side, but the lender this lender offers multiple mortgage options, including fixed and adjustable rates and VA, as well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac programs for low-to-moderate incomes. Requires 3 percent down payment and a minimum 600 minimum credit score.

Info: jgwentworth.com

Quicken Loans

An industry titan, the lender is great to not just apply online, but also to connect with real-life mortgage advisors. It offers the entires suite of options for mortgages, including fixed and adjustable rate, FHA, VA, USDA, and jumbo.

Info: quickenloans.com


Not many know this discount bulk retail giant also provides a loan marketplace to shop for the best mortgage rate. While open to all, Costco members can access discounts on lending services. Loan options include home equity, fixed and adjustable rate, FHA, VA, USDA, and jumbo. Note, this lender’s services are strictly digital so you will not be able to meet up with someone face-to-face.

Info: costcofinance.com

List compiled by Kay Robinson.